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Feminist and Women’s Libraries and Archives Network

Feminist Libraries & Archive Network

The Women Artists of the North East Library is now a member of the Feminist Library and Archives (FLA) Network and is included in their directory alongside some really amazing projects across the UK. Check them out:

Thank you to FLA for welcoming us to the Summer meeting in June – This was recorded and you can access it on their events page.

(Image above: Screenshot of FLA Network meeting (via Zoom) on 2nd July 2020 and screening of the film, Hauntings in the Archive (2017), by Nina Hoechtl and Julia Wieger.

‘The Feminist and Women’s Libraries and Archives Network works to build connections, knowledge and solidarity between an increasing number of libraries and archives which hold material dedicated to feminists and women, their lives and histories. These may be dedicated institutions, or more general ones which consciously collect feminist or women’s material.