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Donate to the Collection

WANEL donations cards - colourful lino printed cards by Sally Pilkington

We want the library to play a role in ensuring the histories and breadth of artistic practice in the North East region of England is documented and celebrated. Since beginning in October 2017, the library has received donations of publications, audio, visuals, and others forms of documentation from individuals and organisations. Each donation continues to grow the library collection and add to the histories and perspectives it holds. 

We run a continual open call.

The type of things we are looking for are:

  • Printed material (books, catalogues, posters, leaflets, postcards)
  • Visual documentation (photographs or films in hard copy or digital format)
  • Audio material including sound work, music, or audio documentation recordings (in hard copy or digital format)
  • Text work or critical writing on women and non-binary artists, projects or exhibitions including essays, reviews, articles, letters (original or facsimiles)
  • Research materials about or by women and non-binary artists associated with the region


If there is something that you would like to donate that doesn’t fit into one of the categories above we will try to find a way to include the artistic practice or project in the collection. The library is continually developing ways to collect and present its collection in new and non-traditional ways and to include work that poses a challenge to documentation or archive practices.


Call to Artists

If you are an artist who identifies as a woman, non-binary or gender non- conforming, and has an association with the North East, we want to hear from you. Whether you lived in the North East, were born here, taught here, studied or have worked in the region please get in touch if you would like to donate something to the library.


Donation Cards

When you make a donation we will invite you to fill in a donation card to sit with your item. The card simply asks you to tell the reader ‘Why did you make this donation?’ 

In 2021 designer Sally Pilkington designed and hand made a limited edition of 100 unique Donation cards for the library. Inspired by library stamps and the dated cover pages of borrowed books, Sally’s design features a tailor made rubber stamp for the library to continue to use.

Find out more about Sally’s work on our Artist Commissions Page


For any queries related to donations, please email us